Web & Internet Solutions

Expand your presence in the world

Whether you need to develop or re-design your organization’s site, implement industry-tailored online web applications, or bolster your marketing strategies for greater leverage, our expertise will benefit you.

If you’re in business and you’re not on the Internet, you are missing a HUGE opportunity. And if you’re on the Internet and you haven’t examined your Internet strategy recently, you are probably missing some HUGE opportunities.

AskZak can help you strengthen and leverage your existing business position by building a robust Internet presence for your business.

  • Website Design/Development: From selecting and registering a name for your online identity to developing or re-conceptualizing your site, AskZak has the experience and expertise to make your site a successful adjunct to your bricks-and-mortar operations.
  • Marketing & Positioning: Whether you need to increase site traffic, keep in touch with your customers, or build a complete e-commerce business presence to expand your market base, we’ve got you covered.
  • Web-Based Data Applications: Do you have a business concept that needs a specialized management and operations system to take flight? We can custom-tailor a full-fledged, web-accessible business system to your specifications.
  • Online e-Learning: If you need to deliver training, we have available a pre-built architecture to develop and manage content, and to administer the users of that content.