Video & Security Systems

Video/Security Systems:

All the same technologies that have put a powerful computer into your hand-held smart phone have also recently brought a revolution to the surveillance and security industries. High-quality, low-cost, high resolution digital imaging sensors combined with on-board microchip based control and operating systems make the new breed of motion cameras cheaper, tougher, and far more flexible and capable that anything the industry has ever seen. Readily-available and standards-based infrastructure technologies have now largely replaced old analog Closed Circuit TV monitoring systems with their high setup and operational costs.

Many business with unrestricted public access, and/or sensitive resources, demand a level of security and accountability beyond basic visual monitoring. AskZak can help you design a security solution that integrates with your existing network infrastructure and offers benefits far beyond traditional CCTV surveillance. With networked cameras and digital video recorders, you gain secured online access to all your system’s live and archived video feeds — anytime, anyplace you can get your computer or mobile device online.

Network-based IP video surveillance provides a low-cost, high-performance, fully-scalable wired or wireless solution that is ideal for front-end installation and surveillance applications such as home, office, restaurant and retail, banking, and any other site/area surveillance application.

AskZak combines deep and broad core networking knowledge and know-how with experience designing full-solutions that address all current and anticipated client business needs. AskZak network surveillance solutions deliver some key benefits over traditional systems:

  • Installation and maintenance of digital, networked surveillance systems is proven to be more cost efficient than traditional analog CCTV systems.
  • Digital video offers much higher resolution than old analog cameras. Intelligent functions embedded within a camera can detect, identify, and track objects in real-time and trigger chosen notifications and actions.
  • Network accessibility enables go-anywhere management and control of a fully mobile surveillance system you can literally hold in the palm of your hand. And any number of authorized individuals can simultaneously view real-time footage from any network camera anytime, anywhere, using a simple web browser or more sophisticated administration software available for both computers and mobile devices.