Essential Services

For your everyday business needs

Essential Services are geared toward anyone who owns a computer, whether for personal/residential/home office use or within a business of any size. This would cover almost any “Help Desk” kind of technical support — whether as a convenience to save you time, or because you are unexpectedly up against a wall and need a quick, easy solution.

If you own a computer, whether for business or personal use, you will eventually, invariably find yourself in a situation where either you need some of our basic services or you just don’t want to deal with it yourself.

When that happens, call We can take care of all your essentials very quickly, having done it 1000 times or so [whatever “it” is], and have you running smooth in no time.

• Computer Set-up
• Computer Tune-Up
• Wireless Networking
• Email
• Printer Help
• Computer & Application Training
• Virus & Spyware Removal
• Security and Performance Tuning
• System Backup
• Data Recovery
• Software Installation
• Hardware Upgrades
• Computer Hardware Repair