About Us

For over 25 years AskZak has been Making Technology Painless, Productive, and Inexpensive, serving a broad range of businesses as well as private individuals. We make Information Technology work for you, instead of the other way around. How do we do it?

  • Making Technology Painless: You are “shielded” from the challenges and difficulties — all you have to do is put AskZak to work on your challenge or area of pain and before you realize, it’s a thing of the past. AskZak does all the “heavy lifting” for you, and only lets you know that your issue is resolved — you never have to experience the pain of reaching that goal.
  • Making Technology Productive: Many AskZak clients have been using our services for years. Our goal is to know our clients so well that we can anticipate problems, and opportunities, before they arise. This keeps your business always running at peak efficiency, and keeps you “ahead of the curve” when considering and implementing new business capabilities and information resources. And atAskZak, each client is our most important — because our clients’ good “word of mouth” is our most valuable asset.
  • Making Technology Inexpensive: Because we work with a broad range of clients, our depth and breadth of experience is vast — the “learning curve” in most cases is virtually flat. Chances are good that we’ve already beat any challenge that you may find your business facing. That can mean the difference between hours of frustration trying to work with a vendor’s technical support department, or — often — mere minutes of putting the right resource for the job — AskZak — on the job, for a quick, painless, and lasting solution. After all, time is money, and your time is too valuable to spend pecking around blind alleys.

And let’s face it: many on-site support groups are “weighty” in comparison to the relative services they provide. In contrast, many in-house experts can prove to be a little “light-weight” in their ability to deliver. AskZak provides the services you really need at a fraction of the cost of staffing for all your IT needs. AskZak can function as your virtual IT Department, providing rapid-response 24/7/365 support capabilities. No “set” work hours, no vacations to work around, no single “system expert” or resource to rely upon… just reliable, dependable, cost-effective IT solutions.