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Making technology painless, productive & inexpensive. Providing fast affordable solutions to small businesses in the Milwaukee area for over 25 years.

Milwaukee's Only 24/7 Full Service IT Support Team

serving businesses of any type and any size.

We Are Your Virtual IT Solution!  We offer a full range of services and solutions for small-to-midsize businesses. The experts at AskZak will make you more effective and eliminate any IT challenges you face.

AskZak can provide support, services, and solutions for:

  • Microsoft Windows OS [all varieties]
  • Office networking solutions
  • Systems backup and restoration
  • Network Operating Systems [Novell and others]
  • Unix/Linux/NT Servers
  • Internet hosting, Web development, App development, Intranet
  • Almost any hardware, system software, or application
  • Virus and malware [Prevention, Detection, Eradication]
  • Surveillance and security systems

Large or small, if you have computer problems, you need the AskZak solution!

“At AskZak we are experienced professionals focused on listening and learning about you and your business needs so that we are able to provide the best possible support.”



Emergency Services

When your systems fail your business can not afford to lose valuable time, AskZak offers 24 hour emergency assistance to keep you running

Systems Repair

Servicing hardware and software repair, replacement and upgrade needs of all types keeping your business running smoothly

Managed IT Services

As a full service IT Management firm we can replace the need for your own IT staff or compliment your current IT staff

Design & Development

Provide access to your business across a wide range of of devices through website and mobile app development

Search Engine Optimization

Through local search, on-page and off-page optimization, AskZak will increase your traffic and improve your websites conversions

Cloud Technology

Take your business anywhere and access your important files and documents on the go using the Cloud

Data Services

Your data is critical to your business, at AskZak we are experienced in data storage, backup and recovery

Servers & Networking

From hardware and software inventory to network usage and performance, AskZakhas the tools and expertise to help you avoid costly business downtime

Technology Efficiency

We will help you get more out of your existing systems through training and system optimization

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